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We are very proud to be a provider of Carlson GPS/GNSS Receivers.  Powerful precision for your changing work requirements. 

Total Station &
Laser Sales

The line of fully robotic Carlson CR+ total stations will maximize productivity. Tracking ability even in the most adverse conditions will insure seamless efficiency.
GNSS Sales & Rental

UAS Sales

Easily create affordable aerial maps at any time, in any location. Our UAS solutions quickly deliver high accuracy deliverables including DEMs, ortho-photos, cut/fill analysis and as-built design comparisons. 
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Our Mission

At NW Measurement Supply our mission is to make the best products, tools, and services on the market available to our customers at a price that keeps your business profitable. By responsibly maintaining low overhead, we pass our savings on to you, to build a mutually beneficial partnership to sustain your business and ours. Each product is sold with the service and support you need to leverage every purchase to the full advantage for your operation. We accept nothing short of your complete satisfaction.



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