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At NW Measurement Supply our mission is to make the best products, tools, and services on the market available to our customers at a price that keeps your business profitable. By responsibly maintaining low overhead, we pass our savings on to you, to build a mutually beneficial partnership to sustain your business and ours. Each product is sold with the service and support you need to leverage every purchase to the full advantage for your operation. We accept nothing short of your complete satisfaction.

Our Team


BREESE HOLDEN​ - Co-Owner/Operator


Through his 35 years in multi-state, single family residential construction, and lot development, Breese has established a practical and intuitive understanding of surveyor needs.  As the face of Northwest Measurement Supply, Breese applies a visionary approach to customer goals, where the most reliable and precise instruments available pave a path toward long-term growth and project success. Breese’s genuine passion for travel in his personal life and in business means he is often able to go the extra mile for customers – literally and figuratively – and his people-first mentality is the foundation of our business.

COLE SCHMITZ - Co-Owner/Operator

Bringing extensive IT experience to the company, Cole is eminently qualified to both configure and support all of our products, both hardware and software. With an intuitive understanding of all things tech, there is no problem he cannot troubleshoot. Having been a security system contractor in the past, he understands the importance of user-friendliness in every kind of tech product. More efficient and user-friendly technology means a faster and easier time on the job-site. Cole brings a fresh perspective to the business as we strive to grow and better support all our customers.

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