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Total Station

Substantially minimize the time of any survey task while boosting your performance and accuracy to the maximum with the fully robotic Zoom90 total station.
Zoom90 is the ultimate one-man system with significantly increased automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, unmatched Scout-Track-Aim (STReAM360) functionality combined with accXXess EDM technology, and Windows® CE open connectivity. 
Thanks to its seamless sensor fusion, the Zoom90 is the ultimate solution. the Zoom90 incorporates the Scout technology where a vertical laser fan is emitted from the rotating instrument. As soon as reflections from a prism are received, the Zoom90 accurately aims towards this prism.  Another element of the STReAM360 is the tracking functionality; the Zoom90 is continuously tracking the target. Once locked onto, the instrument remains accurately aimed even on fast moving targets. Fitted as standard in the telescope. The NavLight is an efficient alignment aid, helping to speed up work while setting out. Its flashing red and yellow lights will guide you quickly and exactly to the line of sight. GeoMax’s accXess EDM Technology in the Zoom90 provides leading reflectorless measurements up to 3280.84 feet (1,000 meters). The extra small laser footprint and the sophisticated signal-processing technology ensures the highest accuracy, regardless of the distance or conditions. 

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